Acne Treatment

A familiar story?

Rare are people whose face has been never “decorated” with pimples. “Well, it’s the youthful thing, it will pass”, others reassure you. “Come to cosmetologist, go the face cleansing”, friends advise you. “Wipe the face with spirit”, and mother tends you a bottle. “The greater celandine is your salvation”, and grandmother gives you a faded bunch of the herb. Home treatments are innumerable, pimples continue to multiply, and when you, finally, fall into doctor's hands, among the pimples their traces are already visible – round red scars.

Acne is a serious disease rather than simple cosmetic defect, and neglecting it may leave an unpleasant “memory” on your face for life.

People affected by acne have cutaneous receptors supersensitive to male sex hormones (which are also present at women). As a result, oil glands produce excessive quantity of fat, which cannot be discharged through the gland excretory ducts bridged with mortified corneal cells. Such a “sealed” oil gland, full of fat, would inflate as a balloon until its thinned walls brake; the contents, together with microbes, penetrate the skin tissue, resulting in a tremendous inflamed pimple, which would sit in beauty, at the most visible place, for more than a week.

When the pimples are neither numerous nor large and do not produce scars, the prescription is as simple as one or several combined preparations acting on microbes and corneal elements of oil glands and facilitating fat flow-out.

In more serious situation, when there are many pustules and pimples and they merge in groups, all the more so when large nodules arise, you would not do without taking medicaments inside. Besides, you would not do with only some vitamins or brewer's yeast tablets. Depending on situation, the doctor sorts out a particular preparation fitting individually to your stomach, intestine and liver condition.

Until recent time, any treatment of acne took many months, and you needed a great patience to wait for the first results.

Today, due to efforts of American scientists, we have the Smooth Beam – a laser apparatus processing pustules and pimples in such a way that the oil gland walls stick to each other and then gradually resolve (dissolve?). After exposure to this powerful laser, the skin rests perfectly uninjured. The next day the processed pimples decrease in size, the pustules dry up, and eruptions reduce their extension. After several treatments, new pimples cease to appear and scars from old ones become less marked. External individually chosen preparations support and fix the results attained.

If your pimples are only “beginning”, the Smooth Beam will help you to stop the eruptions at all and to preserve your skin clear and healthy.

Acne (pimples, comedons) is an inflammatory disease of oil glands. About 90 per cent of young people at the age of 16 to 25 years are more or less affected by acne. Untimely or incorrectly prescribed treatment may provoke forming, at the places of acne eruptions, bulged-in (atrophic) or bulging-out (hypertrophic) scars. A treatment becomes already necessary at the stage of forming comedons – multiple black heads at the orifices of oil glands, or white millet-like nodules under skin.

Causes of acne eruption. As a result of hereditary predisposition, acquired disease or hormonal changes at teen age, the male sex hormones begin to influence the oil gland functions:

  • fat producing increases
  • oil glands grow in mass
  • processes of eliminating corneal cells from oil glands become abnormal, and plugs are being formed at the follicle orifices.

The oil glands get inflamed inside of them, and typical pimples arise.

When does acne begin?
Usually, at pubescence period. However, some people become subject to acne at the age of 25, and many have this problem until 40 or even 50 years.

Is a diet helpful against pimples?
In most cases, no. However, a balanced diet is very important for reinforcing the general health condition.

How the menstruation or a contraceptive may influence the pimples?
A high level of the female hormone oestrogen may alleviate the acne manifestations. Many women notice deterioration in their skin condition before menstruation. Hormonal oestrogen-containing contraceptives alleviate the symptoms, while preparations with progesterone may only aggravate them.

To press or not to press?
If some portion of the content is in fact pressed-in rather than to be pressed-out, the disease symptoms will exacerbate and a sebaceous cyst formation is possible, which leads to rugged scars. Do not press deep or inflamed comedons. A special cosmetic spoon, which does not traumatize the skin, is preferable for comedon removal.

How to avoid scarring?
This is possible if the treatment begins at early stages of the process.  Once the scars have been formed, the treatment is still possible, yet the original skin condition is very difficult to recover.

Does the sexual life effect on acne disease?
While an increased level of androgens plays a significant role in the pathology development, it does not depend on sexual activity. The answer is, therefore, no.

Is it helpful to wash oneself more often?
Too often, no: it would dry-up and irritate the skin, as well as stimulate the fat secretion. The best is twice a day, morning and evening.

Does perspiration influence the acne condition?
Increased perspiration leads to full obstruction and inflammation of oil glands.

Which are causes of intensive acne eruptions?
Contacting with vegetable or mineral oils and chemical products; taking drugs or foods with halogen components (J, Br, F); using corticosteroids or preparations for treatment of epilepsy.

What about using cosmetics?
Quite permissible and even advisable. A make-up makes you feel more self-confident. Choose special cosmetics which do not produce comedons and cure greasy skin. Powder is also recommended: contrary to popular opinion, it does not “seal” skin pores; instead, it absorbs extra secretions of oil glands. Avoid cosmetics containing lanoline, paraffin, and mineral oils.



At easy forms of the affection (comedons, a few small pimples inflamed), a local cure and a mechanical removal of comedons are sufficient.

At middle or severe injury (multiple comedons and pimples with expressed inflammation), the local cure is combined with a general treatment prescribed by doctor (antibiotics, hormonal disorder correction, etc.)

Until recently, there was no alternative to mechanical cleansing among physical methods of the facial acne treatment. The new generation diode laser Smooth Beam produced by American corporation Candela allows to affect deep structures of the skin in a soft, sparing mode leaving no traces on its surface. Oil glands situated in deep layers of the skin decrease in size and slowdown their fat secretion.

Of course, this does not occur instantly. To cleanse face from eruptions and to fix the treatment effect, some 3 to 5 procedures timed by one-month intervals are needed. If there are already scar-pocks on your face, some 5 to 8 laser procedures will make the face skin smoother and the scars less prominent.

To ensure a perfect complexion to your face your doctor cosmetologist may recommend a soft peeling procedure – processing the skin with fruit acids.


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