Laser Hair Removal

The problem:

  • excessive hair growth
  • irritation after epilation
  • ingrown hairs
  • excessive sweating
  • folliculitis
  • “blue beard” effect


Laser hair removal using the American new generation laser Gentle Plus

Causes of the excessive hair growth:

  • genetic predisposition
  • increased level of male sex hormones
  • ovarian tumor
  • hair removal by means of the Gentle Plus laser is today the most effective procedure of the kind.

Laser epilation method is:
(+) quick
(+) safe
(+) painless 

Laser removal by means of the Gentle Plus laser is permitted for patients of infant and juvenile age.

Laser hair removal, in American statistics, produce fewer side effects than photoepilation.

After an individual inspection and testing, the doctor assigns a number of procedures (it may vary from 4 to 10).


Unique possibilities with the Gentle Plus laser: 

  • modeling eyebrows form
  • modeling bikini zone
  • growth-in hairs removal in one or two procedures
  • reduction of armpit sweating

Recommendations for patients before laser hair removal procedure:

  • do not expose your skin to sunbeams during 4 to 6 weeks before the procedure and use a sunblock cream #15 or more during the whole course of procedures;
  • leave out any epilation (except for shaving) for 6 weeks before the laser treatment;
  • if you suffer from herpes, it will be helpful to begin taking antiviral preparations several day before the procedure;
  • if your skin is swarthy, use whitening creams several weeks before the procedure;
  • consult with a good specialist and try to identify the cause of excessive hair growth;
  • do not combine the laser hair removal with the photoepilation;
  • take your procedures at the same specialist.

After laser hair removal:

  • a skin redness would appear; this evidences that hair follicles have absorbed the beam energy, and the hair removal is to be successful;
  • the redness may last for several days;
  • lubricate treated areas with a cream recommended by your specialist;
  • try not to wet the treated surface during 24 hours after the procedure;
  • during 72 hours after the procedure, avoid any massage of areas treated.


The treatment results:

before: after:



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  • Lukash Svitlana

    Laser Hair Removal Specialist, Laser Medicine Specialist
  • Redko Tetiana

    Cosmetologist, Laser Hair Removal Specialist

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