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Every year, growing numbers of patients resort to plastic surgery aiming to eliminate traces of the merciless time: wrinkles, loose and sagging skin, hollows and tubercles. Aesthetic plastic surgery is no more a privilege for chosen people only. Ever-improving methods of “active” skin rejuvenation become less and less traumatizing and acquire many new followers.

Last year, at annual conferences of European and American Academies of Dermatology, the results were promulgated related to therapeutic usage of the Smooth Beam laser produced by the American corporation Candela. The wavelength 1450 nm of this laser provides the bulk light energy absorption by the skin water. At that, the depth of penetration corresponds to the upper layer of derma – just the needed target. Typical indications for the new laser application are wrinkles, loose skin, post-acne atrophy, and atrophic scarring.

Combined with chemical peeling, the laser restoration of the skin elasticity provides new freshness, elimination of wrinkles, improved turgor and flexibility of the skin. The built-in dynamic cooling device (DCD) minimizes painful sensations and protects additionally the epidermis.   


The DCD system begins to function in a fraction of a second before the laser impulse and stops in milliseconds after it.

The laser beam at the wavelength of 1450 nm heats the water containing in the upper layer of dermis, thus selectively damaging its main target, collagen.

At the last moment the continuing action of the DCD localizes the accumulated heat in the upper layer of dermis, thus providing more “aimed” effect of the laser.
As a result, the extended laser impulse provides a careful, cautious and uniform heating through.


The processes of activation of the fibroblasts stimulate a new fibers generation with the structure identical to that of a young skin.
All external changes after the laser procedure are confined to a temporary (several hours) slight reddening of the skin.

The skin processing with the Smooth Beam laser is made in a number of seances with intervals of 3 to 4 weeks. The doctor appoints an exact number of procedures depending on clinical findings. To fix and strengthen the effect achieved, the laser support of the skin elasticity must be repeated regularly, once or twice a year.  

This new method of face rejuvenation, taking into account quick and comfort procedures and good results, is particularly appropriate for energetic and self-confident people who cannot allow themselves to waste time for a long period of recovery outside the active life and who are not ready to the risk inherent to skin resurfacing. The new laser is particularly esteemed by men, as their striving for a younger look corresponding to their world-view usually meets a misunderstanding from others. Now men have their chance to make gradually their face more fresh and smooth without attracting people’s curiosity.


Main advantages:

New technology. This is NOT A SKIN RESURFACING! The patented process of laser recovering of the skin is quite a new technology. The unique light beam with wavelength of 1450 nm heats water at upper layers of dermis, producing a slight thermal damaging of the collagen. Natural recovering processes stimulate re-modeling and re-generation of new, structured collagen.

Protecting epidermis. Smooth Beam includes an integrated dynamic cooling device, which protects the skin before, during and after the laser processing and makes the procedure painless.

Minimal cure duration. Time losses for the treatment are shorter than in usual methods. No special post-procedure care is needed, and this is favorable for its quick and easy fulfilling.

Originality. The sparing action of the laser beam makes it possible to treat areas previously not accessible (not permissible?) for correction (neck). Among other indications for the new laser application, there are wrinkles, post-traumatic and post-acne atrophic scars.


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