How is Angioma different from Hemangioma?

How is Angioma different from Hemangioma?

What is the difference between an angioma and a hemangioma? In fact, quite often two completely different tumors - angiomas and hemangiomas - are mistaken for the same thing. Yes, they both start out as little red stars, but they are treated differently. What you should know? Angiomas are vascular tumors of adulthood. Hemangiomas are more likely to be present at birth. Multiple angiomas can be a sign of systemic diseases and need additional examination. Hemangiomas grow during the first year of life and can grow into organs and tissues, permanently disrupting their function. Both angiomas and hemangiomas are completely curable! And with the help of modern treatments and laser technology can do this - completely painless and almost without a trace. The main thing - a correct diagnosis and timely treatment by experienced professionals.

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