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Dr. Bogomolets' Institute of Dermatology and Cosmetology  — Pioneering is a great honor and a much greater responsibility. We began our practice in 1994 with the first and sole vascular laser in Ukraine. The effect has exceeded all expectations: after an exposure to laser radiation, bright vessels and vascular tumors resolved leaving no traces in the skin.

Gradually, ever increasing our material and technological resources, we widened the range of our services: more than 3,000 patients from various regions of Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldova, Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Belgium, and Italy have passed courses of treatment in our Clinic. This sound experience has confirmed viability of the way chosen. 
Now the Clinic combines harmoniously classical dermatology methods with the newest western technologies. We are not magicians – but lasers help us to work real wonders!

Our methods:

  • Selective photothermolysis method (which is an underlying operation principle of the high energy dermatological laser Sclero Plus produced by Candela Corp., USA) allows to achieve, on an outpatient basis, effective and painless resolution of dilated vessels, face- or leg-located telangiectasias, vascular tumors (hemangiomas), hypertrophic scars, and stretchings. The method does not require significant time losses and provides physical and psychological comfort for patients. Intervals between procedures prescribed vary from 3 to 8 weeks. The unique equipment (one and only laser in Ukraine), sufficient work experience and highly qualified specialists ensure steady and lasting positive results.
  • Laser hair removal method (with GentleLASE Plus laser, Candela Corp., USA) allows to get rid forever of unwanted hair growth. The procedure is painless and leaves no scars. To achieve steady results 3 to 6 procedures are necessary. The results are safe and obtained under minimal discomfort. The apparatus causes no irritation, as the hair removal is made with nothing but the light beam. During one impulse a skin area of 100 to 250 mm2 is processed that allows treating a relatively vast surface in several minutes with maximum manipulation accuracy.
  • Non-invasive method of smoothing wrinkles, punctuate atrophy or scars, as well as cleansing the face of acne disease (with Smoothbeam laser, Candela Corp., USA) – a unique method based on natural healing reaction of your organism. Skin rejuvenation without laser polishing. New word in decision the acne disease problem. Minimal course of treatment as compared with traditional methods. Unique equipment (the only laser in Ukraine). Skin treatment using the Smoothbeam laser consists of a few procedures with 3 to 4 weeks intervals; the doctor defines the exact number of procedures taking into account clinical findings. To secure and make durable the effect achieved, a periodical laser support of skin elasticity (1 or 2 times annually) is recommended. The laser is integrated with a dynamic cooling device (DCD), which prevents the epidermis heating and makes the procedure painless.
  • Digital epiluminescence dermatoscopy MoleMax is the most sparing and reliable method for early diagnosis of displastic nevi and melanomas as well as for differential recognition of benign and malignant skin tumours. Perfectly non-traumatic method allows exploration and assessment of the skin infrastructure indiscernible by the naked eye. The equipment is unique (one and sole system in Ukraine); it consists of an excellent optical quality microscope provided with light polarization device and a modern computer-based technology for searching, registering and storing information.
  • Radiosurgical removal of benign formations of the skin provided on outpatient basis allows a painless ablation (with local anaesthesia) of papillomas, condylomas or nevi, leaving no scars in case of superficial formations. In any case, the method is highly efficient and leaves minimal scarring.
  • Biopsy (skin diagnosis by excision of a narrow area) makes possible an early recognition of malignant or suspicious neoplasms. A histological study of removed (in an external laboratory) neoplasms allows to verify the clinical diagnosis.
  • Laser massage (anti-cellulitis program) warms through soft tissues up to 8 cm in depth; this stimulates producing bioactive substances in the tissues and enhances intensive microcirculation and better turgor.

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