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Candela GentleLase Plus VS. Lumenis LightSheer
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Power, Fluence & Efficacy: GentleLASE lasers dwarf the competitions peak power numbers, enabling the GentleLASE Plus to deliver not only higher fluences (3), but also higher fluences at shorter pulse durations (4). GentleLASE lasers can deliver up to 100 J/cm² in a 3 ms pulse width (5). As you can see below, LightSheers only offer a 5 ms pulse duration, and greatly reduced fluences as pulse durations decrease. Lasers have to be able to deliver sufficient fluences at shorter pulse durations to remain below the thermal relaxation times* of the smaller diameter hairs and to effectively treat finer, thinner hairs.

Editors Choice Awards
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The Editors Choice Awards were developed to give credit to those devices which are outstanding in their treatment categories. These awards are based on survey results by Board Certified Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons who are renowned experts in laser and light-based devices. The award concept, categories and accompanying comments were developed and written respectively by David M. Cauger of Boston Aesthetics, LLC. Below you will see the ATnT Award and Honorable Mention for each Treatment Category. Aesthetic Trends & Technologies assisted in gathering this information and is no way responsible for the outcome of any individual or entity whether positive or negative if they choose to purchase one of the lasers noted in these awards. The objective of these awards is to recognize excellence as well as to provide an avenue of understanding of what devices are available and suggested by your peers.

Epidermis: a front line of the immune system
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The main task of the immune system is to defend its host by eliminating or neutralizing foreign molecules and, at the same time, recognizing and preserving host-owned molecules. Epidermis is an integral part of the immune system and the first barrier set against microbes, irradiations, or mechanical injuries. It is the first echelon where antigens are met and destroyed; its cells initiate and stabilize immunological status of the whole organism.

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